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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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chuck brown, the father of go-go, dead at the age of 75. ahead, a look back at his life and the worldwide reaction to his passing. good morning, everyone, and welcome to "news 4 today." today might be the perfect day. as we take a look sup it goiks to be a delightful day today. enjoy. we had a front come through overnight just with a few clouds. it shifted our wind into the north and that brought in somewhat cooler weather as we got into the 80s.
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yesterday. it dropped down into the 50s. that's most of the mountain region. shenandoah valley and areas to the west and north of washington. that includes the counties. mid-60s in washington now. all this area in the lighter gre green. it jea it's generally in the 60s. now, hometown forecast for leesburg, loudoun county, night the 50s there now and by noontime should be in the 60s with a few clouds about. peek near 70 by the afternoon thflt time tomorrow morning all the way whack down the 40s. a chilly start to friday. we'll look at your day planner in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic now? >> not looking very nicely at auchlt looks terrible actually. traveling northbound as you approach stafford, you're jammed in stafford. the delays continue to quantico and as you make your way toward
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triangle now. again, you'll get a little break. once you pass fairfax county you'll hit the brakes again. not seeing any accidents on i-95. just delays. no issues. traveling on the outer loop, making your way into vachlt outer loop from the dulles toll rode you're driving at 62 miles an hour. eun, over do you. >> thank you. 6:02. a man overnight found shot and killed inside his car at fairfax county. police found him around 11:30 in the mt. vernon area. the victim was taken to the hospital are where he died. police have not released his name or any information about a possible suspect or motive. prince williams county police are searching for suspects who shot two people in their homes. the victims were taken to hospital. both are expected to make full recoveries. police are still trying to determine a motive in this case.
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washington has lost a musician and a local legend. >> chuck brown died yesterday after battle with apneumonia. he was 75 years oechld brown was a pioneer who helped form the musical style known as go-go. his work gave him the nickname of the godfather of go-go. fans were stunned by his death. rather than mourn, they celebrated his life. tracee wilkins is outside where they stood last night. hundreds of fans partied for chuck brown. >> reporter: that's right. that's what you dow he knew how to keep the audience going. i know for me it was comforting to change radio stations and hear chuck brown on almost every urban station from gospel to jazz to whur even blew out the quiet storm. no slow jams, just chuck brown. that's how important this man
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was tochl think about the in fact this was the music kroo cr for the people. it made sense that people gathered outside howard thart. they were playing chuck brown music and gathered in the streets while they danced. his daughter was here as well to say hello. it's fitting that it was here for chuck brown last night because first of all we're down the street from chuck brown way, the street named in his honor. and he also had to cancel a performance here cently due to his illness with pneumonia. that was also significant because he fought to keep the howard theater open in the '80s. he was very happy to see it was back up and running. but go-go music was music for the people and by the people. in a recent interview chuck brown explained how the audience basement so involved. >> anything that came off the radio that was a hit, we got into it.
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so we started to break it down. >>'s when he mentioned the wind me up chuck. that's what you say when they want him to start playing and he winds them up. shortly people are going to try to figure out exactly how they're going deal with this tremendous loss. chuck brown played live so often here throughout d.c., maryland, and virginia. he also traveled around the country. so it is a tremendous loss for the d.c. music scene. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. >> chuck brown's music transcended generations. d.c. council member and former mayor marion barry called him a d.c. icon. >> he was a genius musician-wise. he could go from jazz to hip-hop
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to go-go to rock 'n' roll, anything in between that. >> we have much more on chuck brown's life and legacy on the website. you can also see his life in pictures. 6:06. today leaders from around the world will arrive in our area for the annual g-8 summit. this year's summit is at camp david. one of the big issues is the economy and political problems in europe. they plan to gather in frederick, maryland 20rks miles from camp david. they're taking every precaution to make sure nothing happens this weekend. well, maryland will not face a half billion in revenue cuts but,000s will have to pay more in taxes. they pass add bill that raises taxes on the state's top earn
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earners. individuals earning $100,000 a year and couples who make $150,000 or more a year will see their taxes go up. the vote came during a special legislative session. governor martin o'malley convened that session when lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on a revenue package during this year's general assembly. >> ahead, the major surprise by john edwards' attorneys. plus, it doesn't just give you a morning boost. why cove could be adding years to your life. next, a frightening fall. caught on tap
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you need to see this dramatic video. it shows a firefighter falling through the roof of a three-story condo building. it happened yesterday afternoon in portland, oregon. fortunately the firefighter was not injured in nal.
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he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the fire was so intensity caused a portion of the roof to collapse. no word on what caused that fire. >> it is 11 minutes now after 6:00. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." beginning with tom kierein. >> drop that spatula and look at your television. we have a soft and serene sunrise over the potomac river. live view from our hd city cam was up by 5:54. by 9:00, near 60s. we'll have faw clouds in and out throughout the rest of the day, peeking to the mid-70s by mid afternoon. changes for the weekend. we'll look at that. your seven-day outlook. how's traffic now. >> if you're traveling along root 50, not bad. very light volume as well as outbound. no issues to rofrmt inside the beltway at 202. i'm seeing your volume pick up aed by as you continue to make your way to norm ave now. you're look at about 56 miles per hour. 6 minutes to get to 295 from the
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beltway. over to the rail, have delay on the blue line on the metro. had an earlier malfunction at largo. it's gone but you're seeing delays. the brunswick 690, you're looking at delays. an ocean rescue unlike anything you've ever seen. >> the new info about hundreds of letters intended to cause panic
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welcome back alt 6:14.
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the fbi is offering a 150,000 dollars reward for information on who sent letters with white powder inside around the country. one person is believed to have sent 400 letters to schools, offices and places including here in d.c. agents say the suspect is most likely located north texas. in each case investigators have determined the powder to be harmless. a new york medical examiner will begin an autopsy of the estranged wife. police expect suicide. kennedy had struggled wifor yea she had run-ins with the law. they filed for divorce in 2004. they had four kids together. mary was 52 years old. >> the defense team focused
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finance campaign laws. the gamble is that the jury would have expected to see john edwards take the stand and say to them, look them in the eye under oath and say i never thought i was committed a crime. >> the defense decided against calling edwards' former mistress to testify. edwards was accuse odd f arranging to use nearly a million dollar to hide his mistress during his 2008 presidential campaign. each side will have two hours to make their final arguments. the jury is expected to begin their deliberations tomorrow. it's 6:16. we're learning more about the evidence in the trayvon martin case. the official medical examiner's report says martin died of a single gunshot wound fired from intermediate range. the report also noted an abrasion no more than a quarter of an inch to his left ring finger below the knuckle. nbc news reviewed a separate
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report from george zimmerman's office. the report shows he likely suffered a broken knows and scalp cuts. drugs on his report include adderall and a sleep medication. he's charged with second-degree murder in martin's death. he claims self-defense when he shot martin in february. south carolina doctors have discovered another case of a flesh-eating bacteria. lana kirk endal gave birth two twins. she drove backtomy when she noticed a spot on her leg. she went back to the hospital and they say she's in critical condition with help of a respirator. her newborn twins are both doing well and her friends are raising money for her treatment. an arabian horse is recovering after getting spooked on the beach and jumping into the pacific ocean. that horse named william somehow got scared during a photo shoot. the horse is valued between $100,000 and $150,000.
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the horse apparently swam out two miles. it took several rescue boats to get him safely back to shore. he's exhausted but otherwise in good health. for the first time in history most of the country's babies are in the minority group. population estimates show that 50.4% of children younger than the age of 1 last year were part of a minority group. that is up from april 2010. of the total births in 2011, about 26% were hispanic, 15% were black, and 4% were asian. well, you can call it the ultimate blue light special. a businessman says a little blue light popped into his head while shopping at k matter. rankin painter was shopping for bargain deals during a closeout sale at his k matter in kentucky. he looked around and noticed a lot of inventory left. he decided to buy all of it and donate it to charity. >> this will be the first year that we'll have enough hats,
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coats, and cloves gloves to chi this winter. >> the items he bought cost about $200,000. they're calling him the summer santa, and just did a good thing. he owns his own jewelry exchange business and apparently has been successful with that. he said, you know what? i'm going to pay it forward and pass it on. >> giving back to the community. that's what it's all about. >> good guy. >> let's go to tom kierein. he's keeping an eye on the gorgeous sunshine. >> what a beautiful morning. right around 60 degrees. off to a cool start. but that sun is up and just a few wispy high clouds. they'll be with us on and on through mid morning. by 9:00, it should be in the upper 60s. by the lunch hour, noon time, it should be in the low 70s throughout much of the low region. it shouldn't be quite as hot as it was yesterday. we should make it into the mid-70s by late afternoon. later, 70 degrees. when you come home from school and work, mostly
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i. just delightable. sun sets at 8:15. it will continue to drop all the way down to near 50 degrees starting off friday morning. but another gorgeous day on friday with afternoon highs into the upper 70s. and if you're heading to the andrews air show for friday, saturday, sunday, it does look nice, except sunday, there's a chance of showers including a coastal area of low pressure. if it comes farther west, we could get a few showers. there is a possibility of that. however, if it was a little farther east, we'll have a partly sunny day on sunday. now, here's a look into next week. it looks like we'll have unsettled weather with an increased chance of showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday. highs in the mid-70s and morning lows near 60 degrees. i'm back in ten minutes with another update and a look at a
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viewer foechlt photo. danella has another look at travel. >> you can see southbound travel lanes are open. no issues to report. northbound, we're seeing volume for you. your travel speed out of quantico, you're driving at about 37 miles per hour. no accidents in the roadway for you. continuing onto 395 you're picking up a little bit of volume at edsall, but once you pass seminary road, not so bad. driving at about 48 miles an hour. not bad at all. 13 minutes to again to the 14th street bridge from the beltway. speaking of the beltway, you're picking up some volume. no zernltaccidents. from i-95 to 270, it's not bad at all. right now you're driving 52 miles an hour and an 11-minute drive. back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. 6:21. why you can actually feel good about paying a toll today.
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$40 million. that's how much skechers will make about unfounded claims of its toning shoes. they claimed the shape-up's toning shoes helped lose wait, tone body muscles and combat heart disease. it's a step to ensure marketers too va valid evidence before making those promises. >> your second cup of coffee this morning won't just keep you awake. a new study shows it might help you live longer. the national institutes of health conduct add 13-year study. men and women who drink um to six cup days have lower death rates from heart disease, stroerks and diabetes. researchers say black coffee is best. it's not the caffeine that helps but the antioxidants and
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compounds in the coffee that gives you those health benefits. so i should lay off the cream and sugar i put in my coffee, e guess. >> that's the problem. you don't know how much that stuff counter acts. you and i both load up with cream and sugar. >> oh, yeah it's vehicle for the cream and sugar. >> it's like have some coffee with your cream. i one der if that can sells out the effects. black coffee, you're going to outlive us all apparently. more power to you. ahead this morning why crooks are targeting local ambulances. >> plus why you may see a drive were no car in washington today. the wild scene that ended violently right near some children. >> it is 6:26. take a look at the gorgeous sun. if you can't pack your lunch and eat outside, g♪ outside and
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oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like.
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and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality. a wild chase. fake police lead the real police through crowded streets. how dangerously close this chase came to children outside playing. >> and new this morning, a complaint of noise leads to a deadly discovery. what police found in a quiet fairfax county neighborhood.
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good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. today we're looking back on the life of a local legend. ♪ >> one of the most distinct voices in music is silent this morning. chuck brown, the godfather of go-go died yesterday after battling pneumonia. he was 75. brown helped form the musical style that came to define washington's music scene. his career expand more man 3 decades. his first billboard number one single came out in 1978. he was finally nominate for your grammy in 2010. much more on the life and legacy of chuck brown to come. >> right now we want to turn to chuck kierein, get an update on this forecast, tom. >> beautiful sunrise under way. a beautiful morning under way. you heard of where's waldo. where is sadie the screech owl? >> i see her. >> isn't that amazing. the cam flosh?
6:31 am
she's peeking out of the hole in the tree. that's a screech owl. that was taken by kati aim. now look at the male owl peeking out of the same hole. thank you, katie for sending those photos. if you have an interests photosend it to right now around the region it's in the 50s just west north of washington. closer to washington. much of southern montgomery, fair fashion right near 60 degrees. mid-60s in the district. it's in the upper 60s right near the bay waters as well as the tidal potomac. all the way to the blue ridge reporting a mostly clear sky. just a few wispy high clouds passing over right now. here's your day planner for the rest of this thursday. plan for a gorgeous day. it's going to be a cool morning. we'll stay in the 60s through mid morning. ought to be near 70 by noontime. then by mid afternoon. we should be hitting the mid 70s
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with a lot of fun. maybe a few wispy high clouds. then by late afternoon, back down to the low 70s. our sun set today is at 8:16. my next update is coming up in ten minutes at 6:41. we've got an update on our traffic right now. how's it looking? >> i'm looking at delays. 66 eastbound, sloechlt in fact, from the by pass as you make your way to 29, that's where you're going to see the bulk of your volume. then you'll get a little brachlkt you're going to start to hit the breaks once again. your travel speed under speed at about 43 miles an hour. not so bad but pretty stop and go for you on i-66. over on i-69, if you're traveling around i-29, accident free. in fact, making your way from bridge cheney to the beltway, no delays yet. travel elapses are open. eun, over to you. >> 6:32. new overnight a man found shot and killed inside his car in
6:33 am
fairfax county. police found him around 11:30 at the intersection of san leandro in the mendocino area. megan mcgrath with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. just a short time ago, police were going door to door in this neighborhood, talking to residents trying to figure out if they saw anything or heard anything that may help them in this case because frankly investigators say they don't have a whole lot to go on at this point. the 911 came in around 11:30 last night. it came in as a call for loud noise, specifically the revving of an nij. when police came, they found a car, inside was a man in his 40s with multiple shots. he died of the gunshot wounds. there's no gunshot description rngs no description of a vehicle that may have been involved -- used as a getaway car or anything of that nature. don't have a whole lot to work on here. again, we have one person, man in his 40s who has died.
6:34 am
we -- apparently the investigators know his identity. they know who he is. they're still trying to notify next of kin, however. back to you in the studio. >> mekkgle mcgrath. thank you. >> 6:34. a wild police chase ends in a violent crash and two arrests. investigators want to know if those are the fake cops they have been look for. the chase ended when the suv crashed into two cars and a limo bus in northeast washington. you can see the mangled mess there. "news 4" talked with one of the drivers who was hit. >> u. >> i never seen nothing like this a day in my life. it oohs the worst horrific accident i've seen. if you take a look at these accidents, i have never seen nothing like this. and to be involved in them, you know, it's absurd. >> now, this all started when a d.c. police officer spotted the suv matched the description of
6:35 am
the vehicle used by fake officers. that suv crashed into a prince george's county police squad car before the chase ended back in the district. police arrested both men. one was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. spotsylvania county ambulances are putting locks on the insides of their vans. the thieves stole morphine and other drugs locked in compartments. the fire chief says he hopes to invest in storage with technology that can help identify drug theevs. >> the battle of abortion will play out on chile. they'll discuss a bill that would limit when women in the district can get an abortion. the legislation would make it illegal for women in washington to terminate their pregnancies after 20 weeks. pro-choice activists oppose the will and so do many d.c. residents who believe it infringes on local autonomy. also today it is the seventh
6:36 am
annual drive for charity on the dulles greenway. all the tolls collected today will be donated to charities and a local scholarship program in an effort to help families in loudoun county. it including the march of dimes, women's shelter and the wildlife conservancy among others. we now know the two people's choice winners for the national ideas competition. hundreds of architects took part in that two-year competition. if first winner, the people's forum. her idea centers around a large gathering space at the base of the monument. the design also includes an underground visiting center. the second winner, gin wu lee. at different points the walls will be bigger. steps rise and fall along the path causing visitors to experience the monument at different ways at different points. both will be on display at the virginia center for architecture until june 24.
6:37 am
>> we'd like to see how that ends up. >> the time right now is 6:36. remembering an icon and a legend. >> the godfather of go-go. not because of what they're serving but because of what they're wearing. >> this morning why the losses at jpmorgan chase may be much worse than they thought. >> what day it's shaping up to with that will put a smile on your face to start your
6:38 am
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the sun glistening off the potomac river. this is a sun that's really going to go to work for today for the d.c. area. we're going to look for a beautiful day outside. >> indeed.
6:41 am
let's check in with tom kierein if the weather scepter. good morning. >> right now "weather & traffic on the 1s." at 6:41. temperatures are around 60 degrees. a bit of a cool start. reagan national is now at 65 with a wind coming out of the north after a frunt came through. that's ushered in cooler weather. north damascus with a clear sky. hometown forecast in the mid-60s. during the rest of the afternoon, mostly sunny, peeking around 70 degrees. then the temperatures will plummet overnight. 50 to 40 degrees by dawn tomorrow. and as we get into the rest of the weekend, nice weather on the way. i'll have the latest on your forecast. the andrews air force show. the air show forecast, too, in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >>. >> chopper four is traveling over the beltway. these are the delays that you're facing. delays on 395 are, in fact frrks
6:42 am
the beltway jammed to duke street and around seminary road. southbou, you're going to see delays as you continue toward clarksburg. at 80 you're driving at 24 miles an hour. in germantown, not bad at all. as you continue to make your way southbound to the spur, your travel lanes are open and no zinlts to report at all. now, eun over to you. >> danella, thank you. ♪ >> washington has lost a legend. chuck brown dead at the age of 75. he had been suffering from pneumonia. he was a musical pioneer. they celebrated his light. "news 4's" tracee wilkins is live with more. tracee, good morning. >> good morning, eun. it was an amazing life.
6:43 am
a man who loved music so much. chuck brown's go-go captured everything about music, it had funk, jazz, blues. he introduced all kinds of genres through the go-go sounds. now there is a void here. some folks came out last night to celebrate the life and legacy of chuck brown. they were playing chuck brown's music as folks gathered in the streets. his daughter also came down to greet the fans and say hello. it's fitting there was a tribute to chuck brown here last night. first of all, we're just down the street from chuck brown way, a street named in his honor. and he also had to cancel a rye cent performance due to his illness, let fans know how serious that was. that was. something he ever did. it was also significant because he foutd to try to keep the
6:44 am
howard theater open in the '80s. he wanted to keep it as a go-go venue, but as we know, it closed for some time. it was for the people brks i the people. chuck brown explained how he feels about the creation of go go and its growth. >> i really wanted my owen sound. i'm deeply inspired by james brown and a host of other artists. i wanted my own sound. was trying to create my own sound but it turned out to be a sound for everybody. >> this was a man who was an amazing performer, from beginning to end he would play for hours nonstop not a break, not at a rest, not stopping in between songs and i would watch him and think how does he do this at his age. that's how much he loved the people in washington. we're know we're going to hear a lot more in the coming days and weeks as this town figures out a
6:45 am
way to pay a fitting tribute to a music legend. reporting live in the northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, "news 4." >> thanks so much. we'll have administrator on the passion of chuck brown later this hour. lawyers for man suspected of multiple stabbings are expected to sthar client is mentally ill. ilyas is charmed with stabbing a man to dekt in michigan back in 2010. he's also suspected of attacking men in leesburg, virginia, where he lived for a few years. his defense team is expected so say he didn't understand what he was doing. he faces murder and attempted murder charges for eight other attacks in michigan and ohio. police are still looking for the three people who shot two howard university students in broad daylight. shots were fired in a house yesterday afternoon. man was struck in the leg and a woman was struck in the foot. both victims are expected to be okay. and in prince williams county, police are investigating
6:46 am
a double shooting. it happened at 8:00. police say the victims were taken to the hospital. both are expected to make full recoveries. police are trying to figure out a motive in this case. >> today leaders from around the world will arrive for an annual g-8 summit. one of the big issues is the economic and political problems in europe. police are expecting protesters to gadget never frederick about 20 miles from camp david. even though the protesters say they are peaceful. police say it has resulted in riots and they're taking every precautions this weekend to ensure nothing happens. 6:46. you may be expected to pay more in taxes if you live in maryland. the state senate passed that legislation day earlier during a special session. now, the individuals earn 1g $00,000 a year will now pay more. couples that make $150,000 will also pay more in tax. the highest tax bracket will now
6:47 am
be 8.95%. that ties the district for fourth highest in the country. the tax revenue will help maryland avoid a half billion in spending cuts. new this morning sources close to jpmorgan chase says the bank has lost at least a billion-dollar s more than it thought last week. the norm times is reporting that it's lost $3 billion so far and that number is still rising. despite the loss analysts and investors are o optimistics. one official has already de-rey signed with more departures expected soon. >> still more than 24 hours away from facebook's stock market debut and wall street is buzzing. cnbc's see ma mody has more. hey, seema.
6:48 am
>> facebook will close with an expected range of $34 to $38 a share. f wall street says for facebook to be the biggest, shares would have to be at $41 or more. it would top visa's offering in 2008 when it raised $19.65 million. in other news the carrier says it will no longer allow customers to keep their grandfathered unlimited plans when they upgrade to its higher 4g network. it lets users use multiple devices on the same plan. now customers will get two gigabytes of data a month equal to five hours of streaming video for $30. verizon planses for five g gigabytes at $50. hopefully you can get your head
6:49 am
around to all of those numbers. i'll send it back over to you. >> seema, thank you. there are unique measures for recent vet rahs. the service is free. today actress betty white is coming to washington. she will talk to the smithsonian tonight. the 90-year-old will talk about animals and her book, "betty and friends: my life at the zoo." she'd hello over to see the others aet the national zoo. tomorrow she'll get a private tour of the zoo as well. she has long been a big advocate of what happens at the zoo. the entire smith sohn yachblt it will be nice to see her in town. >> i hope the animals cooperate with her and come out. >> and put on a good show with her. and tom kierein, they're going to have nice weather.
6:50 am
>> i had the honor of meeting betty white outside the green room. i said, that's betty white. she came out. she's just as sweet and genuine in person as you see on tv. just a wonderful person. look at this bright sun rise behind us. that's a mood-enhancing sunrise thanks to an area of high pressure. we've got just a few wispy high clouds coming in. we did have that front come in overnight. you're going to need a light jacket at the bus stop. that includes the shenandoah valley. farther west and north of washington, montgomery, frederick, and maryland, also in the 50s. all these areas are generally around the 60s. and in arlingtoarlington, fairf the eastern shore. as we look forward to the day, beautiful morning. we'll have the temperatures by 9:00 in the mid to upper 60s. then by noontime near 70.
6:51 am
mid-70s mid afternoon with lots of sunshine. clear tonight. then by dawn, many areas near 50 degrees, but another gorgeous day on friday and a bit warmer in the 70s. over the weekend, saturday, sunday, up around 80. sunday, there's some uncertainty about whether or not we may get some showers. greater chance of rain moving in monday, tuesday, and wednesday as we get into next week with highs in the 70s. going to the andrews air show this weekend, looks like great weather for that. we're going to have sunshine on saturday, up around 80 degrees. you'll need the sunblock. then on sunday, a chance for showers, highs in the 70s. danella, how's traffic? >> just as you approach 295, we have a crash in the right leaven and it's causing you to be jammed. very slow as you make your way to the accident. again, only the left lanes are going to get you by this crash
6:52 am
here. we're going to keep watching that for you. also seeing delays on the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery. no accidents in this area. general conjection. that's the bulk of your delay. you're at about 32 miles an hour. 18 minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. don't be surprised or alarmed if you see a car on the streets of d.c. today and nobody is behind the wheel. today google is testing its driverless car. google says the car relice on video cameras, radar sensors, sensors and a database collection from manually drink cars to help navigate. >> i would stay clear of the car without a driver. well, a d.c. food truck is under fire for what some call rafts employee outfits. the fojol brothers serve up
6:53 am
indian food. one man saw the outfits and said he feels it's offensive to the indian culture. that there's a petition online calling them to change their outfits and he's gotten a lot of signatures. >> you're going sell indian or ethiopian cuisine, do it in a respectful nonoffensive way. >> they're still different than anybody else. they have the best curry though. >> the owners of the truck say they mean no disrespect. the owners of the petition say they'll release it when they get a thousand signatures. this morning the music community is remembering the godfather of go-go. chuck brown died at the age of 75 yesterday after a battle of
6:54 am
pneumonia. >> danella has more. >> good morning. it's amazing. not only do we feel it here locally but nationally. in fact, walay tweets chuck brown, you'll be missed. also snoop daulg even tweeted. he tweeted love, wisdom, guide arngs protection to the brown family. miss you uncle chuck. donnie simpson, we lost the god foreof go-go. ben's chili bowl tweeted rest in piece to the godfather of go-go and blues legend chuck brown. he'll dearly be missed by the ali family. they tweeted this amazing picture. this is classic chuck. you always saw him just having a good time, smiling. you can see the fan behind just partying. earlier i was able to catch up
6:55 am
with big g from the backyard band and he had this to say about chuck brown. >> chuck brown had a real big influence on me. chuck brown gave memy first show when i was 15 at the kilimanjaro. he brought me backstage. he said, come on, son. the stage is yours. you know, just practice. you know, keep positive people around you at all times. i had a problem with my voice just like because everybody made fun of my voice, and he was like, look, you have to own that. >> it's so amazing because if you know big g, not only is he big but he has great voice. aaron and eun, back to you. >> stay with "news 4" throughout the day for more on the passing of chuck brown. >> and head to our website, to learn more about his life and his legacy. you can also share your thoughts, memories, and favorite songs on our facebook page.
6:56 am
>> that is "news 4 today." we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> and the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes, but we leave you now with the voice and the sound turned chuck brown turned into a local legend. [ dog barking ] mom!
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